Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vaseline Has Another Use for Your Eyelashes

Mascara is damaging to eyelashes, and takes work to remove which may cause your eyelashes to fall out. Not only can it cause damage, but most mascaras contain parabens which have been linked to cancer, endocrine dis­rup­tion and hor­mone mim­icry, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies, skin toxicity, tissue irri­ta­tion, and tox­i­c­ity to var­i­ous organs. Since mascara is easily absorbed by your body you might want to look for a more healthy and natural alternative. If you don't want to wear mascara but still want longer eyelashes, Vaseline as a mascara substitute might be something you want to consider.Vaseline is great for stimulating eyelash growth and also will work as a substitute for mascara. It won't hold a curl the way mascara does but it will make your lashes look shiny, thick and long. Also the Vaseline will moisturize your eyelashes to help them grow longer. To use Vaseline as mascara, just apply it like mascara with a mascara brush. Pick of the ugly little clear clumps from your lashes- and there you have it.
If you want a healthy alternative, but desperately want to wear mascara, try a natural mascara like Ecco Bella brand mascara. Click the ad on the left for more information on Amazon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Hot Curl Your Eyelashes

Have you ever heard of curling your eyelashes with a hot eyelash curler?
Have you seen those expensive heated curlers and wished to buy them if only you had the money? There is a way of getting a long lasting, heated curl without any expense.
All you need is:

  • An ordinary eyelash curler
  • Hot water or a blow drier
Grab your eyelash curler and either blow the hot air or run hot water all over the upper part. Heating the handle can and will burn you. Touch the heated part. If the metal feels burning hot, it is time to begin curling. Carefully bring the curler to your eyelashes. Curl as close to the eyelid as possible without burning yourself. Be cautious of the tender skin between your eye and nose. If you are hurting yourself, tilt the curler away from your inner eye and focus on the outer lashes. Don't curl for too long as you can burn off your eyelashes.
Heat and repeat on both eyes.
You can also use a blow dryer to heat it up by blowing on the curler while opening and closing the curler. Watch out though, the eyelash curler will get hot fast.Your eyelashes will look longer and curlier. The beautiful curl should last all day.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Eyelashes Disappearing!!!!

Your eyelashes can't grow longer if they are falling out. Eyelash loss is a very disturbing and frightening experience, especially for women since they are such a crucial asset for beauty. If you notice that your eyelashes are disappearing in clumps or gradually, here are some factors you'll want to think about:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you been undergoing stress lately?
  • Does alopecia run in your family?
  • Have you been wearing a lot of makeup?
  • Have you been exposed to any allergens?
  • Do you pull your eyelashes?
Some causes of eyelash loss are:

  • Alopecia, a disease which causes patchy or complete hairloss.
  • Thyroid troubles.
  • Plucking and pulling of the lashes. If done constantly pulling your lashes will inhibit future growth.
  • Allergic reactions, especially to makeup.
  • Aging. There's really nothing that can be done to reverse this.
To bring your eyelashes back, rub Vaseline on them nightly and keep your hands away. Don't wear any makeup. Keep a healthy diet.

Thank you, M Bartosch for this photo!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grow your Own Longer Eyelashes

Anyone can get longer eyelashes. Every girl around can easily achieve temporarily long, luscious lashes. Mascara, false eyelashes, eyelash curlers, and expensive eyelash extensions are available to those who long for gorgeous, batty lashes. But some of us don’t want temporary results. We want real, natural long lashes grown from our own skin. This isn’t impossible! If you can grow your hair, you can grow your lashes through diet, oils, and motivation.

Just as it helps head hair grow, protein rich foods will help your eyelashes to prosper. Eat healthy and delicious foods like:
Peanut butter
Lean meat, fish, and poultry
Beans, tofu, lentils, and other legumes
Grains like bread and pasta
Nuts and seeds

Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes nightly before bed with a toothbrush, finger or clean, unused eyelash brush. This will keep your lashes healthy, which promotes growth. Most people who apply Vaseline to their eyelashes see longer eyelashes in weeks or months. Even if you don’t get longer eyelashes your eyelashes will be shiny and healthy after applying the Vaseline nightly.